I’m Joy, founder of GMT7.

GMT7 was founded out of my taste. I love beautiful handmade products, the way artisans make them, and how these products beautify life without damaging the environment. Today, with the rising consumption trend, everything is created very quickly and a lot. Unfortunately, many of them take thousands of years to decompose and become a significant burden on mother nature.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with rich flora, so fast-growing natural fibers like rattan, seagrass, water hyacinth and bamboo are found in many places on this S-shaped land. It can be said that there are few places on this earth where there is such diversity. Vietnam also has thousands of traditional craft villages, where artisans are attached to the countryside and often work in the fields and do weaving jobs in their spare time. For them, weaving not only brings joy but also helps them have more income in their leisure time. Thanks to this large workforce, we can confidently meet large orders with high quality and guaranteed delivery time. Because of these indisputable advantages, I am determined to bring unique and beautiful products made from the skillful hands of talented artisans to the world.

I hope I can play a part in making your house warmer and greener, helping craft villagers feel financially secure to stay with the village.

By producing and consuming green products, we will protect mother nature, the earth, and our children’s home in the future.

I believe you also love the earth, love people and want to join hands in building a green future like me

Hope to be able to accompany you

Thank you for trusting and accompanying us to live a healthier and better life with our earth, my dear. 


Joy – Mai Tran

The Founder