Many manufacturers supply these products in China, Indonesia, Ghana, India and Vietnam. So among hundreds, thousands of choices, why should you choose us?

We are committed to producing large orders with uniform quality

The weakness of handicrafts is that the goods are complicated to be beautiful and uniform in large quantities because the products are not produced on the line by automatic machines but depend entirely on people. Understanding that we invest in designing a strict quality control process. Ensure the product is uniform in form and quality, especially free from mold and insects.

We have showrooms and scientific product image data

One of the headaches for buyers is the difficulty accessing the manufacturer’s product database. We currently store thousands of models in our two showrooms so that it is convenient for buyers to choose and view products directly, thereby saving a lot of time developing new designs and making samples.

Flexible MOQ policy

Understanding the desire of most buyers to test orders before placing a large order, we flexibly meet the needs of buyers with low MOQ from 50-100 pcs/model.

DDP is welcomed

If you are a first-time importer or do not have much experience in the import process, we currently provide this service to the US market and some European countries. We are continuously updating other areas.

Online friendly communication

Understanding the cost of traveling, we leverage the power of the internet to bridge geographical distances by offering the following solutions:

    • Online consultation 1:1 to understand the needs and advise customers.
  • Pitching to the buyers from Finland – 2021
    • Showroom meeting: We will conduct an online appointment at the showroom so that you can directly choose products and view products via video call.
    • Welcoming you when you come to Vietnam
      • The first partner visited our office right after Vietnam opens the border after the pandemic in March 2022


        Taking the buyers from Chile to Hanoi’s traditional egg coffee shop in May 2022

Market research data consulting

Understanding customers’ difficulties in choosing products to import, we have a market research team to update new market trends and best-selling models. Thereby providing more data to help buyers make the most informed ordering decisions, minimize inventory risk, and increase sales.

Completely assured of our credibility

We are currently active participants in programs of VIETCRAFT, HAWA, ITPC, and VIETRADE. Recently we also officially became a member of MACC (Mercosur Asian Chamber of Commerce) to increase our presence in the South American and European markets.

Visiting the Netherlands Ambassador’s Residence


Visiting PRIME Supermarket in Singapore with ITPC (Investment and Trade Promotion Center of Ho Chi Minh city) -2019



Conducting a research about the South America Market with MACC President -2022


Being introduced in B2B sourcing Event that organizing by Handicraft and wood industry association of Ho Chi Minh city – 2022